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astridmakes modjourney image of a female model with a pink knitted sweater standing next to a horse


gym outfits.jpg


Fall/Winter 2023 Knitwear fashion created via @midjourney prompts

Disclaimer: These are composite/resamples/digital images that the AI-image program Midjourney came up with when I put in some very specific descriptions about the type of garment and model and animal I wanted in this image. So I cannot claim that I “made” or “worked” on the sweaters since the ai program did that by itself- how? I don’t know!  To me it is a tool to ideate and conceptualize ideas and how to position colors for example, but the ownership of these composite images is dubious and it is certainly an ethical/creative authorship question that every designer has to deal with in the future. If you happen to find details or full images that you can claim ownership to, please contact me and I will gladly remove them.


I am @astridmakes.

A fashion designer that puts 3D fashion to the front.

My work with clients starts with a sustainable 3D visual first, until fit and design is approved. This creates less waste and reduces time spent on revisions.

patternvillage jewels gown.png
patternvillage blue crush gown.png




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