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I am @astridmakes.

A fashion designer that puts

3D fashion to the front.

My work with clients encompasses design inspiration and concepts, allowing me to delve into their vision and translate it into tangible creations. From there, I utilize my expertise to bring their ideas to life by drawing up Illustrator flats, rendering 3D concepts, and creating comprehensive tech-packs. Additionally, I assist in establishing grading rules and aid in the meticulous process of selecting suitable materials, all while facilitating seamless collaboration with factories. Emphasizing sustainability, I prioritize starting with a sustainable 3D visual, which not only reduces waste but also minimizes the time spent on revisions. By focusing on achieving the perfect fit and design before production, I ensure an efficient and environmentally conscious approach to the creative process.



patternvillage blue crush gown.png


fully fashioned sweater.jpg

Capsule collection project

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