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  •  Women's wear design, Sweaters, Knitwear, Soft wovens, Cut and sew, Design concepts
    - Color narratives, Trend direction, Seasonal fabrication, Yarn selection
    - Trim concepts, Trim innovations, Fit samples, Prototypes, Showroom samples, CAD sketching, Colorways,  Tech packs, Design construction details,  Design fittings
    - Technical execution, Fit assessment, Design vision. Team management, Staffing strategy, Problem-solving
    - Profitability improvement, Vendor sourcing, Production balancing, Trend recognition
    - Creative design solutions, Silhouettes, Fabrication, Color and print usage, Graphics design, Embellishment layouts, Garment fit, Browzwear software
    - Blender, Daz3D,  Midjourney AI, Stable Diffusion AI models, Cross-functional collaboration, Print development, Embellishment design, Embroidery design, 3D Technical Design collaboration

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3D projects

Various design concepts for sample clients ranging from Couture to bicycle clothing.

Developed in @Browzwear V-stitcher, @Blender, @daz3D, Stable Diffusion AI.



IACDE 3D Summit

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The IACDE 3D Summit is a bi-annual event for Patternmakers

and Technical Developers that are passionate about 3D. 

This season's assignment was to recreate and interpret classic French New Look styles from the 1950s and 60s. Garments are styles in Browzwear Vstitcher, posed avatars from Daz3D and photorealistic models via Stable Diffusion AI.


Various fashion projects for athleisure and bicycle clothing. 

Designed in Browzwear Vstitcher, rendered in Blender and Daz3D.


Digital Twin 1 

IACDE #newlook #barjacket look based on the Christian Dior Resort 2024 

 collection show in Mexico City, look #60 made by Rocinante Oaxaca. Renders done in #stageapp

Digital Twin 2

Digital twins have revolutionized the fashion and e-commerce industries. Based on a Midjourney AI prompt, the project brief was to work on the final details of the garment. The video was done by Browzwear specifically to showcase the digital twin idea.

FashionX stanford

stanford FASHIONX

FashionX @Stanford University

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Stanford FashionX is a modern thinktank for student innovators a

nd industry mentors. It is Stanford's first pre-professional student

organization for students interested in the fashion industry.

The FashionX team joined forces with Browzwear's Indie Program

members to gain valuable hands-on experience working with

VStitcher, and put together their very first on-campus virtual runway.

Designs by @oliviiawang and @tommyesc, Created and rendered in Browzwear Vstitcher.