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  •  Women's wear design, Sweaters, Knitwear, Soft wovens, Cut and sew, Design concepts
    - Color narratives, Trend direction, Seasonal fabrication, Yarn selection
    - Trim concepts, Trim innovations, Fit samples, Prototypes, Showroom samples, CAD sketching, Colorways,  Tech packs, Design construction details,  Design fittings
    - Technical execution, Fit assessment, Design vision. Team management, Staffing strategy, Problem-solving
    - Profitability improvement, Vendor sourcing, Production balancing, Trend recognition
    - Creative design solutions, Silhouettes, Fabrication, Color and print usage, Graphics design, Embellishment layouts, Garment fit, Browzwear software
    - Blender, Daz3D,  Midjourney AI, Stable Diffusion AI models, Cross-functional collaboration, Print development, Embellishment design, Embroidery design, 3D Technical Design collaboration



astridmakes_sepia darped cloth.jpg

Fall/Winter 2025 Sweater ideas

Ideas rough-sketched by hand and enhanced with Stable Diffusion AI, studies for new Fall/Winter Chunky Knit capsule collection

astridmakes-grey drape.jpg

Fall/Winter 2023/24 Sweater Collection

BTS 2023 Sweater Trend Report

Fully-Fashioned Sweater Project - Carlisle Collection

astridmakes-grey drape.jpg

Design History Sweater collection

various seasons...